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"A variety of David Adler designs, from the 1920s to the mid 1930s in the Great House Era, is purposefully featured to convey his expert range." Kristin N. Smith, BA, AS, MBA

David Adler, Architect

“He designed at least fifty houses, forty-three were built in a versatile range of styles that included Italian Renaissance villas, French chateaux, Georgian, American colonial and even one tremendous example of English half-timber… The great majority of Adler’s houses are on a baronial scale, originally with corresponding landscaped acreage..."

David Adler: The Architect and His Work, by Richard Pratt, 1970.

David Adler. Image is from David Boyd. It is copyrighted and provided for this program by courtesy of Amy Williams, Executive Director, the Adler Arts Center.


Rare exterior and interior footage of four David Adler designed homes was recorded. We are thankful to all the participants.

english baroque 17th century

"Castle Hill" 1925-28 in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Interview of Author, Curator Susan Hill Dolan.

Featured in Episode I. YOUTH. 


Image copyright Exemplar Arts LLC

American early 19th century

"Port o'Call" 1926 in Lake Bluff, Illinois

Interview of Collections Manager Thomas Gleason.

Featured in Episode II. TRAINING.


Image copyright Exemplar Arts LLC

French Norman 17th century

"Innisfail II" 1930 in Lake Forest, Illinois

Interview of renown Architect Adrian Smith and

son, Developer Jason Smith.

Featured in Episode III. CAREER.


Image copyright Exemplar Arts LLC

georgian 18th century

"Wheeler" 1934 in Lake Forest, Illinois

Interview of Author, Librarian Arthur H. Miller.

Featured in Episode IV. AN ERA ENDS.


Image copyright Exemplar Arts LLC


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