"I initiated this documentary, because there is great beauty in David Adler’s work and more people should know of it.  Let’s help preserve architecturally significant buildings for future generations so they continue to inspire. This preservation process begins through education, often not provided in schools," Kristin N. Smith, BA, AS, MBA


Stone lunette hood with angel over the entrance of Castle Hill, Ipswich Massachusetts.

Image copyright Exemplar Arts LLC

This video, in high definition, including captivating drone footage, shines a spotlight on Adler’s immense design talent, which is filled with exceptional grace and discriminating use of historical details.  


Perhaps due to his reticence about publicity, David Adler is frequently overlooked amongst notable architects.  His oeuvre of classical architecture is very likely never to be repeated. There are several wonderful books on Adler and this documentary project adds to his story record.

Partial view of East elevation drawing of the residence of David and Katherine Adler, Libertyville, IL. Image is courtesy of Amy Williams, Executive Director, the Adler Music and Arts Center.

"Arts and culture play an important role in community building: this program offers to connect viewers through the art of architecture."  

Kristin N. Smith, BA, AS, MBA

Thank you to Amy Williams, Executive Director of the Adler Music and Arts Center for use of images. 


“Upon David Adler’s death in 1949 his sister, Francis Elkins, gave his house and estate to the Village of Libertyville to be used for cultural and recreational purposes. Today, the Adler Music and Arts Center continues to maintain and interpret the historic home of architect David Adler, which is the base of its activities, and a visual image of the harmony between music, the arts and daily life.”